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Exhibition Catalogue & Selected Resources


Bureau of Municipal Research (1918). What is “The Ward” going to do with Toronto? A report on undesirable living conditions in one section of the city of Toronto- “The Ward”- Conditions which are spreading rapidly to other districts.Toronto: Bureau of Municipal Research.


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Erica Simmons Website
Inventing the playground: How playgrounds got started.


Erica Simmons Spacing Article: History of Playgrounds in Toronto. July 31, 2013.


History of Carlton Hill


Kevin Plummer (2009-09-12). “Historicist: Anonymous Players on the Stage of History”. Torontoist. Often referred to as Canada’s first photojournalist, William James spent more than thirty years documenting Toronto and city life in all its varieties.”


Missing Plaque Project: Toronto’s Less Recognized History

Central Neighbourhood House Virtual Museum v2.php?id=exhibit_home& =0&lg=English&ex=00000818


Selma Montford texts re: Carlton Hill and publications


The Ward Museum


Harbord Village Oral History Project



Unearthing Toronto’s Multicultural Past: Archeological dig within St. John’s Ward Boundaries (00:02:52)

In the Ward: Lawren Harris’ Toronto (AGO) (00:05:08)

“The Cities” Podcast: The Cities Podcast: Ep 107 - Ghosts of The Ward with John Lorinc (00:10:38)


History of Central Neighbourhood House:

Cabbage Town, Regent Park Community Museum Production.
Part 1: (00:03:51)

Part 2: (00:06:26)

Part 3: (00:04:28)

Part 4: (00:03:32)



C.A. Mathew Photographs of Spitals eld a century ago. 11 Princelet Street, London, March – April 2014.


East End in Focus: A series of events inspired by the 1912 street photography of C.A. Mathew. Bishopsgate Institute, 2014.


Jacob A Riis: Revealing New York’s Other Half. Jacob Tugendrajch and Briinie Bordonaro New York City: The Museum of New York City, October 14 – March 20, 2016.


The Ward: Representations and Realities, 1890-1950. Curated by Paul Bishop, Daniel Panneton and Marisa Strom. Toronto: Campbell House Museum: March 16, 2016 – April 23, 2016.




Children of the City 1944 (set in Dundee), Documentary, made by Wolf Suschitzky and Budge Cooper for the Ministry of Education.



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